Matthew Bronowicz

Posted on March 13 2018

Deal Plus is an online store that offers pretty much anything you can think of.  Our categories of products stretch from Jewelry to Home & everything in between.

What we do is go out to various suppliers and search for the most discounted, affordable products that are made of quality and good design.  We then sort them, label them and price them down.

We are not GREEDY as a store.  Our niche is to offer products that are ALWAYS on sale.  This way every product is a good DEAL to our customers.

What sets us apart is the "PLUS" portion of our store name.  In addition to providing you with products that are always ON SALE, we also give additional savings OFF at check out.

So, we give you low prices, PLUS a coupon to be used at purchase time that will be a percentage OFF your overall purchase.  You will NEVER checkout without using a coupon.

For example, we are giving 15% OFF right now for all customers who simply provide their email and sign up for our newsletter.  SImple thing to do, ey?  To get another 15% OFF.

We have all kinds of extra savings and coupons.  Not always are they 15%.  This is only the minimum percentage oFF.  Normally, we will give you 20% or 30% or sometimes even 50% OFF your order.

WHY?  Because we want happy customers....and A LOT of them.

We want you coming back to our store and shopping again.

We want you to share our store name with your friends and family.

We want to keep you happy.

We are similar to, but better!  Yes, BETTER.

We ALWAYS FREE & FAST SHIPPING, but we also offer you the lowest possible ON SALE prices as well as extra savings off at check out.

You can;t beat that anywhere else online.,

Go and check out our products.  Go and compare our prices with others.



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