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Matthew Bronowicz

Posted on March 13 2018

Our store offers many various Collections or Categories of Products.

We love to stock Apparel and Women's clothing.  However, we offer so much more than clothing.  We also stock Mens clothing and accessories too. We just do not have as much.

Our product list is growing on a monthly basis.  We have a staff of people who go out researching different suppliers searching for the best deals on the best products.

Not only are ALL 100% of our products ON SALE all the time, but they are modern sought-after products that are trending in the world today.

Plus, on top of our SALES, we offer every single customer an additional amount OFF of their purchase at checkout.  In the form of a discount code or special discount, our customers never end up paying the Sale Price.  Its always much less at DEAL PLUS.

That is what separates us from other online merchants.  Instead of just offering a SALE PRICE, we take it a step further.  We offer an additional ADD-ON DISCOUNT at the time of purchase.

Be looking for our coupon codes. For example, get 15% OFF at checkout just for signing up for our newsletter.  Provide your email address and WHAM BAMM...15% off.

Or, take 30% if you use the coupon code BB30.

This is an exclusive coupon code for 30% OFF your order (unlimited usage) for all those customers who are taking the time to read this BLOG POST>

No one else is getting 30% if they do not read this post, because this particular coupon is not marketed throughout our site.

But, Anyway...we are constantly putting coupons out there so that no customer checks out without using one.

Thanks for shopping at DEAL PLUS.  You can help us most by sharing our site with your friends and family on social media.

Or, write a review on a product.,

Or, share a specific product on Facebook from Deal Plus.

You can find our social icons at the top or bottom of the home page.

Thanks for your support, 

Matty B.  (Founder)

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